Kid Criminal - Episode 1

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Kid Criminal - Episode 1

Post by SabrinaDawn on Thu Mar 12, 2015 6:31 pm

Today I have watched a program which was not only interesting but educational. Below are my following notes on this program Kid Criminal

Pendleton Prison - Juvenile
There are many complexes at this prison but this episode concentrates on C Complex which is Sex Offenders 14-18 years.

14% adult sex offender criminals will normally re-offend within 5 years of their release date, where as juveniles is less then half of that.

They go to school, strictly under watch so truancy is impossible.
Grades can fluctuate from being really bad to the offender realizing they've had enough of playing a game and decide to knuckle down and reach all their grades.

In powering someone or a situation usually thrills a Sex Offender. However they struggle with what the community would think of them if their crime was found out by the community.

The oldest experienced inmates have jobs in the canteen. The windows are blocked so the working inmates can't see who they are serving, so prisoners won't be treated differently.

Segregation is like a strict time out complex. It is at times full of bad criminals, ta-tourist sexual offenders.

Introducing some of the Prisoners in Pendleton Prison:

Garrett Cutter
15 Years Old
Sex Offender

Garrett met his father for the first time when he was 5 years old, at first he was happy to have his father re-enter his life.
Garrett says that the memories of his Mothers house were always good but the memories of his Fathers house was bad. Garrett's Father would use many types of discipline military style. His Father would make Garrett stand in the corner of a room not making any movement, if he would fall asleep he was punished and made to stand up again, he had been put into the washing machine and dryer by his Father on many occasions also.
Garrett's Father vanished 3 years ago and has been wanted by the Police for 3 years.
At a young age of 8 years old Garrett offended for the first time. He'd watch porn and think it was cool.
Garrett says that he feels like something is missing in his life and he calls it 'the hole' as he yet doesn't know what it is.
'I lie, I steel and I manipulate people. I know right from wrong, but I choose to do wrong' is one of the things that Garrett said.
Garrett embraces his child hood making funny voices with his fellow inmate Christopher Hillenburg.

After Filming Outcome - Garrett Clutter has earned his Level 3. He is scheduled for release in February 2015.

Tavarius McNair
14 Years Old
Sex Offender

Since being arrested for his crime his friends have turned against him and have threatened him.
He's been struggling with his programs and is described as a troubled teenager. He's been through a lot, is going through a lot and will always go through a lot. He has had a few breakdowns, he says things are too much for him. His troubled past is a daily struggle according to his Councillor.
Tavarius says he doesn't wish to go into detail about his offense which was on a family member as he finds it hard to express himself and has only just started talking about it to his Councillor.
Tavarius has not seen his Mother since going to jail 5 months ago, his mum is finding it hard and wants him to ask forgiveness from God. His Mother has recently moved in with relatives to a new city to make a new start. Tavarius was disheartened when his Mother didn't turn up on his 15th Birthday.
Tavarius remembers his Mother doing drugs like crack and cocaine, and prostitution for her income. He says despite him being bought up with his Mother's bad habits, he loves her as she never gave up on him and that if it wasn't for her doing the stuff she did he'd be weak and not the strong person he is today.
Tavarius also witnessed a live shooting from his porch, the victim was a close friend of his Mother's who helped her with her drug addiction and looked after him and his Sister.
Sometimes he has a bad day, this one day he broke his glasses out of anger and just wanted to stay in bed, head buried in pillow crying all day. He is at a critical point in his Level 2 Feelings Management program and must be completed before his release. He achieves his Level 2!

After Filming Outcome - Tavarius McNair had no major incident, he is due to leave Pendleton Prison in March 2015.

Christopher Hillenburg
15 Years Old
Theft and Inappropriate Sexual Behavior

Christopher is in Pendleton Prison for Theft and Inappropriate Sexual Behavior in a Children's Home. He has anger issues although he looks and sounds placid.
One day later after his interview from Channel 4 he is put into segregation after he'd got into a fight and threatened to self harm. Christopher's program is put on hold whilst he's in segregation.
10 days in segregation and Christopher is ready to restart his treatment and program. If Christopher chooses to misbehave then he will jeopardize his fellow inmates privileges.
Christopher embraces his childhood making funny voices with his fellow inmate Garrett.

After Filming Outcome - Christopher finally completed his disclosure. He hasn't returned to segregation.

William McConnel
18 Years Old
Persistent Sex Offender

William is a Persistent Sex Offender.
William is very interested in young boys who haven't started or have just hit puberty, he likes watching boys in the shower so he's been put in permanent segregation.
Every time he has been released he has always re-offended. William has been in Pendleton 3 times, no one trusts him or think he can control himself.
One of his offences was that he sexually abused a child to get revenge on his mentor because he wanted him gone, took victim to a toilet, locked him in and abused him.
William was abused by his biological family which he says messed with his head.
So far William has had 8 months in segregation, his favorite show is Hannah Montana and has got aggressive because he's been denied access to the program in the past.
Williams family don't answer their calls when he or the prison phones, and he has had no visits.
William was adopted at 6 years old. His adopted Father has recently died and hes found it hard to come to terms with and always promised his Father that he will make changes in his life. Williams adopted Mother said that she will always love her son no matter what he does, however it doesn't mean that she will visit him in Jail.
If William is to be released in the near future he will be put on the Sex Offenders list.

After Filming Outcome - William is due for release but doesn't yet have a place to go. He remains in the 'Making a Change' unit.

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