The Kids That Can't Stay Awake

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The Kids That Can't Stay Awake

Post by SabrinaDawn on Thu Mar 12, 2015 8:13 pm

This is a documentary on a sleeping disorder called Narcolepsy.

In 2010 a startling number of children developed Narcolepsy, this documentary meets British children affected.
Narcolepsy is incurable but medical teams are still working on a cure, or at least a way of controlling it. Thousands of people around Europe have been diagnosed with Narcolepsy with a major increase from 2010 on wards.
There are many symptoms that Narcolepsy suffers deal with on a daily basis...Most are frightened of going to sleep and will do little things to try and prevent themselves from doing so, falling asleep wherever and whenever, a raised appetite, and can bring on behavior issues.
Also in more severe cases Narcolepsy can cause Cataleptic Attacks, where the muscles move out of the persons control.

Test to show if Narcolepsy was caused by diseases and illnesses such as Influenza come back that it didn't seem to be connected to any other disorders. However Narcolepsy can be brought on by brain disorders such as brain tumors, epilepsy etc.

This condition can make education suffer, a once highly intelligent student could fall and fail their grades, purely because they spend more time asleep then awake, which is unfortunately out of their control.

Parents started raising more question such as 'Why are children being affected?'
In 2010 Swine Flu made it to the news, that everyone who was in contact with Swine Flu would be seriously ill and it could cause death, so parents wanted to do anything to prevent that. Therefore all of the parents of the children in this documentary all had the Swine Flu Injection. This vaccine was called Pandermix. Parents started to believe that this vaccine was what caused Narcolepsy as thousands of children became ill across Europe back in 2010 after having this vaccine. Parents continued to fight until medical research proved them correct and in fact having the Pandermix injection to prevent Swine Flu gave the children 14 times increased risk of getting Narcolepsy.

Chloe's education has been suffering since contracting Narcolepsy. Shes been missing out on many of her subjects by sleeping throughout school hours. Chloe can wake up from her sleep angry or in the best mood ever. Chloe is in complete desperation to end, and she finds it an emotional roller-coaster. 6 months after Chloe got diagnosed she took an overdose, saving up all her medication. Luckily Chloe survived.

Xander has behavior problems. At night he sings to himself to keep himself a week, he then wakes up every hour going downstairs and eating, drinking anything he sees. This has caused Xander to gain weight.
Xander gets irritable, grumpy, angry, has very little patience, and is lonely. However most of the time Xander chooses to isolate himself from others.

Lucy not only has Narcolepsy she suffers with Cataleptic Attacks. When she wakes up from her sleep she struggles with whats reality and what isn't reality. In the mornings it takes Lucy around 3 hours to wake up, and is normally late for school. Lucy is constantly exhausted.

Emily like Lucy suffers with Cataleptic Attacks caused by her Narcolepsy. Emily finds it hard when she wakes up to control her temper.

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