Underage And Gay

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Underage And Gay

Post by SabrinaDawn on Thu Mar 12, 2015 9:17 pm

A touching and brave documentary about sexuality and gender.

The average age for young people to come out in Britain is now 15.
Some people may consider this shocking 'Is 15 too young to know your sexuality?' people may remonstrate.

I personally think if you know your sexuality at a younger age then 15 then its possible, however understanding it may not be as easy until 15 years plus.

All teenagers came across as intelligent, brave and obviously self-aware of who they are and how they want to live their lives. Yes, they are teenagers, and are young and have lived less than many people - but do all adults really know what the heck they are doing, feeling and their direction in life.

Has come through the other side of the bullying and confusion she experienced early in her teens. Plus she had an amazing sense of style.

Born a female but now a trans male. His story would be the one that affected viewers the most.
To be relocated alone at 16 to a completely strange town must of been terrifying - although Alex's home life did not seem to welcoming from his description. Proudly showing of the room he called home at the hostel he was placed in, he joined in with a local youth group where he hoped to make friends. Escaping a violent, hostile home life and starting afresh was met by the now 17 year old by positivity, willingness and not an ounce of self pity.

Has been bullied for coming out gay but recently has started fancying boys so has come to the conclusion that she is in fact bisexual and not a lesbian as she first thought.

Going on a LGBT canal ride with others who were gay or trans, she quickly made friends and started a relationship with a trans male called Shayne, it was there that she quickly realized that she would rather be referred to as he and has chosen the name Kyle, although he never actually wants to change his gender he wants to be known as a he instead of a she. Unfortunately at this time in Mykyla's life she felt like she was going through a dark time and an incident that happened with Shayne jeopardized her relationship and friendships with the new friends she had made. Mykyla quickly realized that after spending a night in a police cell that what she did to Shayne was completely out of character and was extremely remorseful.

15 year old Beckham was also at home with his sexuality and despite vile and intimidating threats, seemed to be completely comfortable with how he is and itching to grow up and get on with his life. Beckham's Mother seems completely behind him and supportive and caring. Beckham has a part time job at a Hair Salon, and can see himself becoming a Hairdresser in the future.

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