Born Naughty?

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Born Naughty?

Post by SabrinaDawn on Mon May 18, 2015 12:29 pm

Born naughty is about a documentary of families with naughty children finding a professional diagnosis or is it that they are just born that way. This particular documentary looks and two children from two different families.

Theo is a 6 year old boy who lives with his mum, grandparents and two uncles.
Theo throws tantrums, strops,is rude and can be very aggressive. He has been wearing a hearing aid since he was a Toddler due to partial hearing. Nan gets him ready from 6am onwards every morning whilst Mum Emma is still asleep in bed. Nan claims Emma is lazy in the mornings and could help out more. Nan says that Emma isn't strict enough nor does she stick to routine but Emma thinks that Theo has ADHD. Nan thinks he is too young to be diagnosed with ADHD and doesn't like early diagnosis if it can be helped.
The Doctors weren't to keen on brushing Theos behaviour off as ADHD so instead, Theo was put on a behaviour program and white noise filtered in his room to help him sleep at night and so far all has worked.

Honey is a 9 year old girl who lives with her mum, dad, and three sisters. Christie who is 16, Poppy who is 7 and Toby who is 5.
Honey can be good. Honeys behaviour has always been blamed on her parents who believe they have done whatever they can to tame Honey but have had no success like they have with their other three children. She chucks stuff, breaks stuff and generally have daily meltdowns. Honey threatens to hurt people which is one of the main reasons why Honey is no longer in any school. Honey was permanently excluded after threatening to kill her fellow school friends. She was that aggressive that she had to be restrained by two police officers, safety of others was feared. Honey's parents claim that, that was really not nice to see.
After many tests carried out and looking into her behaviour as well as simple tasks. Honey was put on Moderate to High on the autistic spectrum and was diagnosed with Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome.

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