NHS - Nursing the Nation :)

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NHS - Nursing the Nation :)

Post by Hlinfield93 on Tue Mar 10, 2015 4:20 pm

I would normally be the first one to say I'm not political and not usually passionate about anything, however in the last couple of days I've met some interesting individuals and come across a few inspirational people and also including a few narrow minded folk who I do question their moral and belief system in regards to why they would want to become a nurse, when all they are doing is adding to the unrelenting bad press which is socially attached to the NHS.

I will hold my hands up and say that there have been some faults in the system, however looking at this from a different perspective and now as a student nurse it's actually quite frightening when one analyses the stigma and bad press which has been associated with nursing.

Yesterday in my lectures I was shown a video on YouTube, it was Poem written by a nursing student who studied at the Royal College of Nursing and she had finally taken a stand on behalf of all student and registered nurses at a annual congress credited by the RCN this poem was called nursing the nation, and it really hit home with a few of us in my lectures, but especially to me..


I can totally see where this student is coming from, I too am frightened of all the bad press that surrounds the NHS and what really worries me is that people are so desensitized by it all these days that they really have no clue that it's still continuing, simply because people have become so accustomed to seeing bad press involving the NHS in social media and newspaper articles all the time. Needless to say that I have been guilty of doing this also, carrying on acting as if nothing has happened completely unaware of the real issues that have embedded themselves within the National Health Service and also very unaware of how it could of affected myself and the others around me. This is why now, I feel that for the rest of my career I will take a stand and act fierce.

I will act in such a way that will show that there isn't just bad care around, I wan't people to remember that there are good Carers, Nurses, GP's and Clinicians around and I would love more than anything for people to remember that we too are taking the beating for other peoples actions.

Molly Chase the Student Nurse I mentioned earlier is an inspiration and it's such a shame that there isn't more people standing their ground like her. Her poem has really resonated with me.

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Re: NHS - Nursing the Nation :)

Post by SabrinaDawn on Wed Sep 30, 2015 6:45 pm

Thank you for posting.
There are a lot of inspirational people in this world and people should be following in those kind of peoples footsteps.
Unfortunately the media only really picks up on the worse case scenarios and what is wrong with the world. Is it really often that the media magnifies something that contains good news? No it really doesn't. The media is half the trouble and is the reason why many people views are negative.
It is unfortunate but it seems to be an ongoing thing on many different subjects in life.
Let's hope more inspirational and caring nurses come forward and make a stand and show just how important they are two the system.

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