Kid Criminal - Episode 2

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Kid Criminal - Episode 2

Post by SabrinaDawn on Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:33 pm

Indiana Girl and Boy Madison Juvenile Prison 12-18 Years Old

USA crime rating is 7 times higher then the UK.

Madison is full off repeated minor offences, quarter are inside for Armed Robbery and Murder.

First unit to enter is Correction Department. They must complete a 3 month treatment program which will impact on their release date.
Along side intakes of truants and gang members are high risk offenders.

Inmates are locked up for 8 hours at night.

The prison like to put revolution programs in place to save children. Completion of programs can mean a release day within months of being convicted for their crime.
The prison thinks correcting behaviors rather then doing a long sentence can change futures more successfully. Pushing Education has helped the offenders tremendously in many ways. Negative behavior is always confronted head on with these specific treatment programs.

Madison Prison has increased days of visiting to 7 days a week, and thinks this helps a great deal when families and friends come in and offer their support.

Girls prisons are found to be more harder then boys at times when it comes to each other. Girls hold on to grudges for longer periods of time then boys would.

When talking to the offenders, a lot haven't thought through the crime that they have committed and act on impulse.

Inter-terminate sentences such as serious crimes can have adult fixed times.

Church is carried out which is full of singing hymns and prayer. Offenders are told 'Don't let your past interfere with your Future'

Boys Prison

Jason-Caleb Hill
16 Years Old
Theft and Violence

Jason is willing to take consequences. He's been in and out of Juvenile Prison since he was 14 years old.
Jason recently got arrested for breaking into a apartment and stealing a hand gun.
When he was 13/14 years old he started selling drugs, any drugs that he could get hold of. Jason robbed cars and houses.
Jason has a violent record from previous placements assaulting other prisoners. Jason says if he feels like someone is testing him then he will start fighting, he says its down to self respect.
Jason has owned 3 different guns, he liked the adrenaline rush every time he fired them. He is asked whether he has ever shot a person and his answer is 'no comment'
2 weeks in and an incident happens, he punches a fellow intimate. The victim doesn't retaliate and is stuck in a corner, the victim says his release date is coming up so hes staying out of trouble.
Jason's Mother has also done time when Jason was only 1 years old for domestic violence as like Jason she liked to fight. Jason says his Mother is very strong.
Councillor has noticed a turn around in Jason's grades and work in his education and has a successful percentage of 96.7%.
Jason says hes going to work on learning to control his volatile ways as hes assaulted not only inmates but staff in the past.
Jason said he used to think that if someone just looked at him wrong then he would lose it and find a weapon to beat that person up with.

After Filming Outcome -Jason passed his TASC and has shown interest in joining the army. He has faced further disciplinary action for fighting.

Nathaniel Johnson
15 Years Old
Arson and Extreme Violence

Nathaniel has spent 18 months so far in Madison Prison. Nathaniel is extremely violent, he always used to carry knives and weapons since he was around 10 years of age. At 10 years old he burnt down a convenience store after his friend had stolen from the store.
Its been 3-4 months since his last conduct report.
Nathaniel needed an interview with the panel to see if he is ready to be released. His release is approved. Nathaniel is very happy with the outcome and says he is looking forward to be able to do what he wants to do.

After Filming Outcome - Nathaniel was released in December 2014, so far he has stayed out of trouble.

Girls Prison

Half 11 every day is the only time when all 48 girls are mixed together for lunch in the canteen. The canteen is run by the oldest experienced inmates. There is a lot of bullying, drama and gay issues so can become very messy at times. There is strictly no body to body conduct, and no dating.

Amanda Artyamsoal
17 Years Old

Amanda is one of the older experienced inmates that works in the prisons canteen. She has been fired once before because she was trying to give people more food, but as she shew remorse she got her job back.
Amanda hopes to be released by her 18th Birthday, which at the time was only 4 weeks away. She is yet to prove that she has changed but is told that as soon as she focuses on time, she wobbles.
Amanda was first arrested at 12 years old, and after that she got worse and turned to weed, meth, got expelled from school, thought she was invincible and generally didn't care. Amanda has been told that her main programs to focus on are Decision Making and Anger Management.
Super Intendent Greathouse says her progress on a scale from 1-10 would be about a 4, however Amanda is annoyed by this and thinks she should at least be at a 7.
Greathouse is being cautious and wants her to learn to be remorseful and understanding. He is cautious because the severity and nature of her crime and the other people who were involved and he says that she needs to be safe in the community. If Amanda was a adult she would of been doing 20 years for her time. All she says is 'I didn't kill anybody'
Amanda lives with regret every day of her life because of what happened, she doesn't think people understand that and she thinks everyone thinks shes a terrib;e person but they don't know her side of the story.
This crime hit national headlines...Cody, Shelby, Kyle and Amanda were all 18 except from her, she was the only minor. Her friends had a problem with a man and Cody decided to fire a flare at this mans house, the house went up in flames and it was revealed that all the victims in side this house were children. Cody was sentenced to 65 years. Shelby and Kylie got 20 years and Amanda went to Juvenile Prison and has been sentenced with arson but could be released within a few months. Amanda has an identical twin Erica who also has been struggling with being in and out of prison, currently out of prison she can see what the public think of her sister, and a lot of people are after Amanda so Erica is worried for her Sisters safety. Both twins have been in and out of prison for 6 years. The twins Mother finds it hard to believe or trust her Daughters.

After Filming Outcome -Amanda celebrated her 18th Birthday behind bars. Super Intendent Greathouse still hasn't given her a release date.

Cyleina Briggs
17 Years Old
Armed Robbery

Cyleina has been sentenced with adult crime time resulting in a a 10 year sentence for her crime. It is said that adult crimes result in adult sentences. If Cyleina sticks to rules her sentence maybe reduced.
At 5 years old Cyleina moved in with her Father Ralph.
At a later age Cyleina and her friends robbed a lady in her apartment, one of her friends had a gun. They took a flat screen tv, Police followed them by tracking their footprints in the snow.
Cyleina is shocked that her age she is in prison and is sentenced to a lengthy sentence. No one expected her to ever do such a crime like this, not even herself.
Cyleina said that her and her Mother had a volatile relationship due to her Mother being an alcoholic but says that if she would of listened to her Mother then she wouldn't be in Prison now. Her Mother practically drowned herself in alcohol and died just as she turned 17 and the last thing she said to her Mother was that she hated her and wanted her to die. Cyleina says that saying that alone is her biggest regret and never would of said it if she knew what she knew now.

After Filming Outcome -Cyleina's sentence could be reduced to 3 years with good behavior. When she turns 18 authorities will decide whether to mover her to an adult prison.

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